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I Love Explanation

I love it when the author (a person who writes something) of an article explains what they mean. I have been reading for well over 55 years. One of the things that I have observed from those who attempt to explain ideas, concepts, practices, and procedures is that they assume everyone knows the vocabulary they are using. There is always a starting point for the beginner to be initiated. Let’s remember that whether we are involved in professional development for teachers or helping students there will always be a need to let them know what we mean when we say something.

Sometimes the simplest explanations are the most beneficial. Having entered the world of GitHub I am attempting to learn the purpose, process, procedures, and vocabulary. I am sure that everyone in the world of coding knows the context and meaning of the word “Repository” except for this newbie. So it is always a great joy when someone does not assume that I know the jargon but includes snippets of explanation that help me along the journey.

It is now with great confidence that I know that a Repository is a Folder. Thanks LifeHacker

local code repository (just a folder containing code for your project) LifeHacker

Technology Integration

Technology Integration is the process of using the tools that we have to learn and to produce.

Teachers use tools to learn and produce products. Students use tools to learn and produce products. Once the mystery, myth and hype of techno phobia disappears, all we are doing is using the things that we have to learn and produce.

Technology Integration is to take place daily in the classroom. It is the infusion of the tools that we have with the curriculum that we teach. Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies should all be taught and learned with the tools that we have.

Technology TEKS are to be taught in the regular classroom curriculum by the regular classroom teacher.

Technology Application Labs are simply assistants in the learning process, they are not the Technology Integration curriculum. Integration takes place campus wide by the entire campus population.

When teachers use technology tools to teach core curriculum and students use technology tools to learn core curriculum and produce products that reflect comprehension of core curriculum; then you have Technology Integration.

Technology Integration Instructors help teachers and students use the tools that we have to learn and produce.