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Bait Post

Deciphering the Sensational Headline
Social Media is full of bait posts. Clever headlines and curious graphics that tempt us to click in order to further explore content. 
  1. If it is too good to be true, then it is not true. Don’t click through.
  2. If you do click through and the content is camouflaged by advertising, don’t go on.
  3. If you do move on beyond the advertising,  and the content is not immediately available, close the tab.
  4. If you actually find anything to read and it has nothing to do with the initial headline, you’ve been had. 


Goldilocks & The Three Twitters

In the never ending search for things that are just the right size, there is the freedom to use various Twitter Clients interchangeably. For those Papa Bear moments there is always TweetDeck or HootSuite.  The standard Twitter interface on a desktop or laptop is always just right for those Momma Bear needs. And Baby Bear needs on a non mobile device are best served by using Twitter Mobile on a desktop or laptop. You can even search your favorite app extension store for browser add on’s that meet your custom needs.

TweetDeck or HootSuite will allow you to customize to your hearts delight and flood your screen with a flurry of activity that resembles the movie theater pop corn popper in full action. Plain ole Twitter will sometimes be just right with not too much and not too little. And then there is TwitterMobile on a non mobile unit. Just like on your phone or tablet, but right on your desktop.

My favorite, glad you asked. It depends on what the need of the moment is. I am always in the search for just the right thing at just the right time.


It’s The Simple Things

It’s the simple things that make Social Media networking so much fun. There is the aspect of using Facebook or Twitter as primarily a news feed for articles to be read later. I even created a Facebook page primarily as a bookmarking tool and I am the only follower/friend. Multiple accounts within Facebook and Twitter allow me separate personal, professional, and hobby interests. Facebook allows me to easily switch between accounts without having to log in and out of my separate accounts and TweetDeck allows me to view my multiple Twitter accounts in one location, while Hootsuite puts everything together in one place.

Bookmarking information for future reference is important to me and I have always been in search of just the right tools. Evernote Clearly has been a true friend for organizing bookmarks, Instapaper was an old experiment that has been rejuvenated and Pocket is a brand new friend.

It was a joyous surprise to discover something on my Twitter feed. OK, I will admit that sometimes (not very often, well maybe sometimes often) that I do not pay attention to all of the “bling/clutter” surrounding social media boxes. But this one I was glad that I found. It appears that Twitter includes a Pocket and Instapaper button underneath the tweets of those who use those accounts. The buttons do not appear under all the tweets I receive, but the majority do. So for those who tweet and have a Instapaper and or Pocket account, I am able to easily bookmark important information for future reference.

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