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Bait Post

Deciphering the Sensational Headline
Social Media is full of bait posts. Clever headlines and curious graphics that tempt us to click in order to further explore content. 
  1. If it is too good to be true, then it is not true. Don’t click through.
  2. If you do click through and the content is camouflaged by advertising, don’t go on.
  3. If you do move on beyond the advertising,  and the content is not immediately available, close the tab.
  4. If you actually find anything to read and it has nothing to do with the initial headline, you’ve been had. 


I Wonder Where That Originally Came From

I wonder how much of the content that we encounter is from the original author as compared to how much is redistributed through the Social Media Pipeline. I also wonder how much content I actually create as compared to how much content I simply redistribute.

For example, how many of the posts or tweets that you and I post or tweet actually originated with our creativity. How many of the posts or tweets that you and I post and tweet are simply a redistribution of someone else’s content.

A braid of three strands now occupies my thinking on the social media pipeline. Created, Redistributed, and Curated.

  • By created, I mean the original author, the person who creates the content.
  • By redistributed, I mean the passing along of someone else’s content.
  • By curate, I mean the process of the creator passing along their stuff through various media.

Follow the Flow

  1. An author creates an original article (create original content)
  2. The author publishes the article through their blog (distribute)
  3. The author directs others to their article through social media (curate)
  4. Consumers read the article and redistribute the article through their social media pipelines (redistribute)

I have been and continue to make the personal transition to discovering more original content rather than exclusively being limited to what is redistributed. And I am in the process of developing the habit of creating more original content. I guess that I could say that I am transitioning to more to a creator rather being limited to a re-distributor.