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The Google Classroom/HTML File Assessment Challenge

Google Classroom can become a real challenge when it comes to assessing student work that is outside the normative Google ecosystem. When a student turns in a Google Document or any other Google created file, that is a no brainer, the system just works. But if you are teaching Computer Science and need students to turn in HTML files, that can be a challenge. The student can upload a HTML file, but the challenge begins with how is the Instructor going to read the file and assess the students work. Watch the video below for a simple solution.

Cruise, Use, Choose, and Loose

There are a ton and I mean a ton of apps and extensions and all kinds of stuff that everyone wants you to try. I am an earlier adopter by nature and I like to try stuff out, so I have no problem clicking here and there and everywhere to try something out.

But trying everything that comes along does have its drawbacks. Besides eating up space and slowing down units and browsers, there is that age old haunting question of, “what’s that thing and what is it for?

So when it comes to apps and extensions here is a simple process.

  1. Cruise,  Window shop to your hearts desire.
  2. Use, Tryout the new toys, take them for a spin.
  3. Choose, Make a decision, are you going to keep it or not.
  4. Loose, Clean house, get rid of the apps and extensions that you are not going to use.

Now I Get It

Oh, now I get it.

Wow, all of those terms surrounding the new Google Educator Accounts. It really gets confusing for Teachers. Just making the distinction between a personal Google Account and a Google Educator account will set you GoogleFree. Google has accounts and accounts have Apps and Apps… Wait, Apps? I thought those were the things on my Smart Phone. I am so confused. Don’t worry, you are not the first one who has faced this challenge.

So, let’s keep it simple. You now have a Google Educator Account through your school district. The over arching name for your Educator Account is “Google Apps”. “Google Apps” is a suite of Apps. Apps such as “Google Drive” have specific file types such as “Docs”, “Sheets” and “Slides”.

Sometimes we (ok, me, I am guilty) misuse terms and refer to the Google Educator Account Ecosystem as “Google Docs” or “Google Drive”. But “Google Drive” is actually a Google App and “Google Docs” is actually a “Google Drive File Type”.

Still confused, no worry, let the following info graphic by DVISD Instructional Technology Specialist Austin Dennis help you “Get It”.

Thanks @austindennis