Now I Get It

Oh, now I get it.

Wow, all of those terms surrounding the new Google Educator Accounts. It really gets confusing for Teachers. Just making the distinction between a personal Google Account and a Google Educator account will set you GoogleFree. Google has accounts and accounts have Apps and Apps… Wait, Apps? I thought those were the things on my Smart Phone. I am so confused. Don’t worry, you are not the first one who has faced this challenge.

So, let’s keep it simple. You now have a Google Educator Account through your school district. The over arching name for your Educator Account is “Google Apps”. “Google Apps” is a suite of Apps. Apps such as “Google Drive” have specific file types such as “Docs”, “Sheets” and “Slides”.

Sometimes we (ok, me, I am guilty) misuse terms and refer to the Google Educator Account Ecosystem as “Google Docs” or “Google Drive”. But “Google Drive” is actually a Google App and “Google Docs” is actually a “Google Drive File Type”.

Still confused, no worry, let the following info graphic by DVISD Instructional Technology Specialist Austin Dennis help you “Get It”.

Thanks @austindennis


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  1. lizzylou

    Great post, clear graphic!! I get sooooo confused with all the googles out there! Thanks!

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