Been There, Done That

Oh how I have been there. Sitting through endless workshops, talked at, read to, and bored to tears. I have also been in those workshops where I was a guinea pig for someone’s latest fad methodology that expected me to run around the room like a cheerleader on a caffeine overdose. I have been to sessions where I was told to turn off my digital device due to the instructors fear that I would not hang on to every word they were boring me with. Once I was even questioned as to why I was taking notes. And I love to take copious notes. It is a part of the way I learn. Hmm… How I learn.

I do not learn like everyone else. And everyone else does not learn like me. I learn through the things that work for me. Tell me what needs to be learned and I will put together a customized plan that will expose me to the content I need, allow me to process the new information, comprehend the information, and then demonstrate what I know through a new product.

Continually exposed and expected to learn in a world of learning from days gone by, I long to see organizations embrace the reality of customized/personal learning. It’s interesting to me that the same institutions that denounce the sage of the stage methodology for instructing students use that same methodology when it comes to professional development. Then there is the other extreme. I have been exposed to professional development sessions that operated more like a kindergarten classroom rather than a professional encounter. I am a professional by the way. Point me in the right direction and I will get the job done.

I like the idea of brewing my own professional development. I like the idea of personalized learning plans. I like the idea personalized learning. I like the edSurge article on Personalized Professional Development. I really like their info-graphic. I like the idea of moving from the way it has always been done to a way that is the most productive for professional learners today.

Brew Your Own PD



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