It’s That Time Again

It’s that time again, that time when the preparation for a new school year is upon us. That means that Trainers will be training and educators will be sitting in meetings. Trainers will be reading their presentations to the audience and attenders will be bored out of their minds. Trainers will distribute a forest of pulp that will end up somewhere, but no one knows its real final destination.

The actual training process is a matter for another post. Today I am thinking about the distribution and depository of information. The “handing out” of important information for future reference. The printing and photocopying of handouts that consume a forest of pulp and a box car of toner. Paper handouts that provide great doodling canvases and landfill recipients. By distribution I mean how we deliver information to attendees and by depository I mean how we store information for further reference. By information I mean the stuff that we want the attendees to “take with them for future reference”.

Some districts and campuses will continue to distribute information the same way it has always been done. Some districts and campuses have already made the transition to some form of digital delivery and deposits of information. Some districts and campuses will continue to pioneer more efficient ways to distribute and deposit information.

When it comes to what we “hand out” to attendees and “how the attendees will reference” that information later,  I think in terms of “Objectives and Strategies”. What we want to accomplish and what is the way to accomplish what we want done. If I am needing to provide Teachers with important information for the new school year that they will need to reference through out the school year that is my Objective. How I do that is my Strategy.

My Objective remains the same, “provide important information for future reference”. Strategies can vary. Strategy One may be the traditional paper handout. Strategy Two may be PDF’s on a local server. Strategy Three may be collaborative document management system (Google Doc’s), and Strategy Four may streamlined custom solution (FileMaker Pro).

District’s, campuses, and trainers need to think in terms of the major Objective and most effective Strategy for them. Novelty is not the issue. The latest Technology Toy is not the issue. Being innovative for creativity’s sake is not the issue. The issue is providing important information for future reference. What needs to be done and the best way to do it. We need to provide important information for future reference and the best way for us to do that is…

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