Increasing the Productivity of Presentations

Traditional start of the year training for faculty and staff is typically nothing more than a brief introduction of limited information hoping for lasting results. The sessions tend to overload the participants with information and then assume that everyone comprehended everything and that everyone knows everything that they need to know. I can not remember how many times that I have heard the proclamation after an introductory session, “Now you are trained”. True Professional Development should include pre-information, initial introduction of information, and a continual deposit of information available 24/7.

Edutopia addresses an idea for Administrators concerning Staff Presentations. Their idea is a digital copy of the upcoming event.

Providing a digital copy of the upcoming staff meeting to be reviewed independently could alleviate some stress throughout the building. If you are looking for feedback from staff members, include a Google Form or host a Google Hangout to answer any questions. Source

Thinking of all the upcoming staff presentations to soon take place it would be great for Administrators and Presenters to move beyond the pre information and presentation information to actually include a permanent depository of information available to participants. Professional Development and Training would greatly be enhanced by participants being able to have continual and updated information presented in the start of the year PD.

A continual presence would move beyond the typical email or paper handouts. Even placing PDF’s on a District Server is better than paper handouts and emails, but why not kick it up a notch. Google Docs allows users to create shared folders and those are even better, but let’s move it up one more notch by using Google “Sites”. Administrators and Presenters can upgrade their traditional start of the year trainings by creating Google Sites for participants to have a continual resource to refer to as the need arrives.

One such depository of resources that I have begun is located here. EduTechie Resources.



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